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About Us

We are doing wedding floristry and decor differently! Our passion is to bring your dream to life but at a cost that is affordable and sensible, rather than the usual 'wedding taxed' pricing, and with a service that is second to none.


We have a wealth of experience and knowledge within the team, and we are happy to travel anywhere within the UK without adding travel costs onto our fees. We are also available for destination weddings abroad, with our fees remaining the same, and only adding the cost of the flights and accommodation on top.

Whilst we continue to build a large stock and a wide range of high quality hire items, if we don't have something that your dream demands, we're happy to look at purchasing it/them for your big day. As we take a long term view on our stock, we will still only look to charge a sensible price for these special buys, rather than an inflated price as others might.

With every enquiry we will produce a fully broken down, line by line quote, ensuring you know what each item is going to cost you, and the effect on the total price of adding or reducing any items.

As part of the Just About Weddings group of companies, we have an overriding ethos of offering the very best in service, transparency of pricing and, most importantly, of value for money. We believe that luxury wedding floristry and decor should not be exclusive, but exclusively for everyone!

To find out more, or to book your initial consultation, get in touch!

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